Encore Family Gallery
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Lap warmers with Dad
Jenni & Grandpa
Sisters: Blaze & Flame, Aug '08
Mom: Jenni
Jan '07
Mar '07
Aug '08
"Duffy" - all grown up
"Wesley" on vacation
"Wesley" navigating
CH Amors Tiny Dancer  x  CH Amor's Talk of the Town
10 week old puppies enjoying outdoor
Puppies make us all smile...
Havanese puppies find the  simplest things entertaining
Learning to roll with it
Guilty...for being way too cute
Apr. 6, 2008
"Who's been sitting in my chair?"
"Let me try that ice cream"
Don't you just hate a
messy desk?!
Getting ready for Halloween
Sept 23, 2008
"Our little friend...and our big friend"
Who wanted it "on the rocks"?
"I'd really like someone to pull me."
"I think my parents are retrievers"
" I'll bet they don't
know where I'm
I love to hug
Just about anything is a toy
"Betsy" July '10
"Everybody thinks we look
alike...but I don't see it"
" I'm an outdoors kind of guy"
" I guess I
wore Dad out"
"1-&-2-&-3...1-&-2-&-3...I just love
Spring training"
"...and they think this is where I'm going to sleep"
A room full of Havanese - all ages & sizes
Nov '11
A family gathering
"Oh no, surrounded by the wild ones"
Aahhh....nothing like a day at the beach
"I'm training to be a water
rescue dog...or a surfer
A rare moment - 2
Havanese sitting
Lola is all grown-up. What a difference
between 1 month & 17 months.
"It's got to be around here somewhere."
Puppy + Pillow = Peace
"So this is what I use to bury my treats?"
The line-up
April 2006
Bonding...at an early age. It
will last for a lifetime.
"Who said Havanese don't smile?"
"If you don't want your face
licked...stop hugging me."
In one day Mickey found true
So, which one is the toy?
The start of a long term relationship
You should see how cute we look after we get brushed
Bookends: Sister & brother - Liberty
& Quincy
Aug. 2010
I'm sure I told them "The dog will eat your
New home...new stuff...way cool
Teddy hangs out with fun buddies
Brady, the flower child
Judge Pam appreciates my advice
There's nothing like puppy love