Encore Havanese Puppies
Encore Sweet Charlotte - "Charlotte"

Charlotte has done it again. On July 11 she delivered a beautiful litter of 2
girls and 3 boys.
It was nice that the whelping happened in the middle of the day and
everything went quite smoothly. All the puppies immediately began
nursing. Even though this is only her second litter, Charlotte knew
exactly what to do. It's going to be a fun Summer.

The father of this litter is "Dylan".  
CH Amor Encore Dreamin Of You- "Dylan"

Dylan has a very impressive history siring flashy, athletic, and fun loving
dogs. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese - good
structure and friendly. His father is from Germany and it's beneficial
having this influence in Encore Havanese dogs.
July 11
Here is Charlotte and the litter for
their first evening together. The 2
girls were born first then the boys.
Light red sable - girl
Black & white - girl
Black - boy
Black & white boy
Dark red sable - boy
July 14
There's no better way to celebrate Summer
than with the Beach Boys.
So here are:
Kokomo - girl, light red sable
Barbara Ann - girl, black & white
Surfer - boy, black & white
Deuce - boy, black
Coupe - boy, dark red sable
Kokomo & Barbara Ann
Surfer, Duce, & Coupe
Amor Encore I'm So Vain - "Carly"

On July 19 Carly had her first litter - a girl and 3 boys. Carly is one of
Encore's smaller Havanese but she is filled with love and energy. One of
her favorite pleasures is to have her belly rubbed. She loves attention.
Her girl is all black and the boys are black and white or red and white.

The father of this litter is "Dylan".  
July 29
Carly's puppies are getting bigger
everyday. They are almost 1 pound
which is just where they should
be. They're "voice" is also getting
Aug 4
The Beach kids are coming into their own looks.
They are all standing and walking with confidence.
Kokomo: red sable, girl
Barbara Ann: black & white, girl
Coupe: dark red sable, boy
Surfer: black & white, boy
Deuce: black, boy
Aug 4
Carly's kids are now seeing the world through their own
eyes. Everyone's eyes are open and they're just
starting to stand.
Ali: black with a white chin and toes on all 4 feet
Lee: red and white with black eye patches
Levi: black with large white chest and 4 white feet
Wrangler: black and white
Aug 11
Big day today: started weaning the puppies. Charlotte will no
longer be needed to feed and clean-up her kids. This was the
puppies' first taste of "puppy porage" and everyone loved it.
"Let's go out to eat."
"Umm, umm, good!"
Aug 16
Circle the calendar day: Carly's puppies started their weaning. They
had their 1st puppy porage and ate so much they needed a nap.
Aug 25
Havanese are very athletic...and curious. Giving them a slide helps build their
confidence, coordination, strength, is mentally stimulating, and it's fun.
Aug 26
Every day is play day. The Beach Boy litter is constantly up, down,
on, and under the sliding board. Their agility improves everyday.
Sept 7
Great socialization is happening. The litters are
playing together several times per day and I put
new toys out. This is also the start of crate training,
where they freely play inside different crates.