Encore Havanese Puppies
Encore Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - "Annie"

Annie has done it again. On March 26 she delivered a beautiful litter of 1
girl and 4 boys.
Each of the puppies was vocal right after being born, showing how
healthy they were. It was music to my ears. The parents are named after
rock 'n roll legends. I am so proud to introduce you to my "rock stars":

The father of this litter is "Dylan".  
From left to right:

Janis - black & white
George or Paul - red sable
John - red & white
Paul or George - red sable
Ringo - black
CH Amor Encore Dreamin Of You- "Dylan"

Dylan has a very impressive history siring flashy, athletic, and fun loving
dogs. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese - good
structure and friendly. His father is from Germany and it's beneficial
having this influence in Encore Havanese dogs.
April 4
Annie is a fantastic food source. All
the puppies are growing well and
fast. When she gets in the pen to
feed them, they all come
"running"... well, really it's fast
April 13
Just as expected, the litter has reached several
development milestones:
1) Everyone weighs more than a pound...most
are approaching 1.5 pounds;
2) Everyone's eyes are open;
3) Everyone is actually standing and walking.
John - red and white
Paul - black
George - red sable
Ringo - red sable
Janis - black and white
April 23, 25
Well, in the past couple of days there were some major changes for the Rock Stars:
1) They got their first toys and enjoyed them;
2) They moved into a double size pen;
3) They started their WEANING !!

The puppies didn't hesitate eating their first weaning meal - liquified puppy chow. Annie
accepted the separation and seems "fine with it". Good Momma!
First taste
They certainly liked this meal
Great mental stimulation
Room to roam and
stretch their legs
May 14
This is the puppies first day of freedom. They were
turned loose in the room and allowed to explore.
This is always a fun day to watch them.
May 15
The rock stars were more adventurous today. There was a lot more to do and
explore. They all quickly conquered the sliding board, which says a lot about their
boldness and coordination.
Havanese love a high sided
"Who's there?"
May 20
In about 2 weeks the rock stars will be leaving for their new
homes. So, I start to crate train them...making it fun to be in a