Encore Havanese Puppies
Encore Sweet Charlotte - "Charlotte"
This is an exciting litter in many ways.
It's Sweet Charlotte's first litter...it's Lennon's first litter. I'm so pleased
that the whelping went as well as could be hoped and Charlotte has
perfectly taken to being a mother.

There are 3 girls and 6 boys. Everyone is nursing well. There are 3
puppies that now look like they're white but their color will change over
the next several weeks. They will be some degree of sable, or sable and
white, or maybe stay white.
Birthday is Dec 28

The father of this litter is "Lennon".  
December 28, 2018
The puppies are doing great. Charlotte is
handling everyone and everything quite well.
Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"
Lennon is the type of Havanese we all dream about. His personality is high
energy, playful, affectionate, and smart; a gorgeous coat; he's quite an
athlete who can jump higher than any of the others.

His father is from Germany and his mother is from Poland. I'm proud to have
this European influence as part of the Encore Havanese kennel.
It's hard to see but there are 9
puppies in the pictures.
Dec 29
Everyone has settled in
nicely...Charlotte and the puppies.
Charlotte is focused on her kids,
just as I thought she would be.
Amor Encore Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - "Grace"
This is Grace's first litter but she knew exactly what to do after delivering
the puppies. She's small in size but large in style. She has an inquisitive
nature and sometimes dances to her own music...she'll come in from the
dog run when she's ready.
Birthday is Dec 29

The father of this litter is "Lennon".  
Dec 29 - the birthday
3 girls and 2 boys
Black/white are girls
Red/white is a boy
Parti sables are a boy and girl
Jan 1
Happy New Year
Everything is going as well as I could want.
Charlotte's taking great care of the litter and all the
puppies are putting on weight. Their mobility is also
increasing...they wander all over the pen.
Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Eat and sleep...that's just what the puppies should be
doing. The coat colors are already starting to get richer.
Jan 3
The puppies are getting a bit more active
everyday. Each will "wonder" around the pen,
then cry out looking for the others or Grace.
The wonder crawling builds muscle,
coordination, and confidence.
Jan 5
There's not a whole lot going on except growing.
Charlotte's comfortable spending time out of the
pen...she needs a break from feeding and