Encore Havanese Puppies
Encore Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - "Annie"

Annie has done it again. On October 25 she delivered a beautiful litter of 3
girls and 3 boys. Annie and Lennon are both red and white, and produced
beautifully marked puppies, which makes them very flashy.
It was nice that the whelping started in the middle of the day and
everything went smoothly. All the puppies immediately began nursing.

The father of this litter is "Lennon".  
Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"

Lennon is an impressive flashy, athletic, and fun loving dog. His
conformation and temperament are classic Havanese - good structure
and friendly. His father and mother are from Europe which is beneficial
having these bloodlines in Encore Havanese dogs.
October 25
Here is Annie and the litter for
their first day together. The 3 girls
were born first then the boys.
Oct 28
It's a fun time of the year around
Halloween. Few groups of "kids"
are more fun than the Peanuts
crew...so here they are.
The girls:
Lucy (top)
Sally (middle)
Marcy (right)
The boys:
Charley Brown (left)
Snoopy (middle)
Woodstock (right)
Nov 15
Over the last week, the litter has reached several
development milestones:
1) They all reached 1 pound weight
2) Their eyes have opened
3) They are standing & walking
4) Some colors are changing from black to red
Annie is being a great Mom, as usual.
Charlie Brown