Encore Havanese Puppies
 Encore  Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - "Annie"
Annie was very cooperative and started to whelp the middle of the
afternoon on August 11. She finished 2 hours later. Everything went quite
well with each puppy nursing just like I, and Annie, want to see.
She had 4 girls and 1 boy. The colors are black, red, and red/white.

The father of this litter is "Dylan".  
August 12
The puppies are doing quite well and are
very active. Annie is a terrific, experienced
CH Amor Encore Dreamin Of You - "Dylan"
Dylan is everything I want in a Havanese: substance, perfect structure, calm
attitude, fun personality, and fluid movement.

Dylan brings a lot of energy and style to this litter with Annie. He's the kind of
dog who likes everyone. As you can see, he's a very handsome fellow and
had a successful show career.
August 13
For now it is hard to tell who is who. Using the picture on the left:
The easy one is the red and white who's a girl. The one on the right
side, is a red girl. The black one at the top is also a girl. The big one in
the middle is the boy. So the black on the left is a girl.
September 9
Today the puppies had 2 major events:
(1) They moved to a new "home" - a larger pen in our dog den
(2) They were weaned from Annie and had their first puppy
chow meal; more like a puppy chow soup.
No one hesitated or had any anxiety.
August 30
The European city tour is official. Berlin is Annie's only boy this litter. Then
she has Florence, Geneva, Paris, and Siena. Beautiful cities and beautiful
puppies. Everyone has their eyes open and are starting to walk/wobble
around the pen. And everyone now weighs a pound ...plus a few onces.
Berlin - black, boy
Florence - black, girl
Geneva - red & white, girl
Paris - red, girl
Siena - black, girl
September 18
he "European cities" left home base today. For the first time,
they spent some time outside of their pen. They each had
some expected uncertainty, but shortly began exploring. This
builds their confidence and coordination...tile floors are
trickier to walk on than bath towels.
Everyone now has the meal
routine figured out. They will
clean the whole pan in about
3 minutes. They each weigh
around 2 pounds which is just
There was a lot of new stimulation - a different
floor, bigger toys, and a big space. Getting
into the dog bed was it's own adventure and
the paper towel was as interesting as any of
the toys.

Today's adventure led to a long nap afterward.