Encore Havanese Puppies

Amor Encore Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - "Grace"

Born on April 3, 2022 

There are 5 boys and 1 girl!

These puppies are all going to their new homes.

Here is the Woodstock family: Hendrix, Morrison, Crosby, Janis, Santana, & Arlo!

Grace has a calm and steady personality. She was that way with this litter. She started her deliver in the very early morning and finished in the early morning. The whelping went smoothly but calm and slow. Being an experienced mother, Grace was perfect in starting all the puppies nursing. All the puppies’ weights were as expected, they had great appetites, and squirmed around well.

My handsome Lennon is the father of this litter.

April  4

Grace’s puppies’ colors are as I expect from her and Lennon…a big variety. Two of the boys are cream colored with red patches. Two boys are red sable and white. The girl is one of the black and whites.

Their birth weights were just as  I like to see…all in the healthy and ideal range.

April  10

The puppies are growing. That’s what happens when they have an attentive mother who provides plenty of nourishing milk. They are moving around well, developing their muscles. 

April  20

Here are Grace’s “Woodstock” rock stars. They now have their eyes open and are standing and wobbling around the pen.  Their strength and coordination improves every day.

"Santana" as in Carlos
"Arlo" as in Guthrie
"Crosby" as in David
"Hendrix" as in Jimmy
"Janis" as in Joplin
"Morrison" as in Jim

Encore It's Time To Decide - "Twix"

Born on April 10, 2022

There are 3 girls and 3 boys.

These puppies are all going to their new homes.

Meet the Friends: Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Ross, Chandler, & Rachel!

Twix is a confident and loving Havanese. She is an experienced mom who is very attentive with her puppies. Her delivery was uncomplicated and exceptionally fast … all the puppies were delivered in about 75 minutes! 

Playful, athletic, and affectionate Lennon is the father of this litter.

April 12

Twix always has puppies with a lot of color, even the cream puppy has patches of red. 

Their birth weights were just as  I like to see…all in the healthy and ideal range.

April 20

Twix loves having her “Friends” around and they are quite the crew. She’s now spending quite a bit of time outside of the pen, but knows when it’s time to get back in and provide a meal or grooming.


Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"

Lennon is an impressive flashy, athletic, and fun loving dog. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese – good structure and friendly. His father and mother are from Europe which is beneficial having these bloodlines in Encore Havanese dogs.

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