Encore Havanese Puppies

Amor Encore's Warrior Princess - "Xena"

Born on May 5, 2023 

There are 4 boys and 2 girls!

Xena made her delivery very straight forward and uncomplicated. She went into labor on the day I forecast and gave me clear signs. She started her delivery late at night and finished early in the morning. Being an experienced mother, Xena was perfect in starting all the puppies nursing. The puppies’ weights were as expected, they had great appetites, and squirmed around well. Say hello to the Cinco de Mayo litter.

Because my special guy Lennon is the father of this litter, the puppies are very colorful.


Xena's litter ... first morning
2 girls and 4 boys day 1

May 6

Xena’s puppies’ colors are as I expect from her and Lennon…a variety.

The boys are: 2 cream colored; black & white; red & white. Girls: sable with white spot on head, red & white with red spot on head.

May 11

The Cinco deMayo puppies are all growing nicely. Besides getting bigger, each of their colors are getting more vivid. They crawl around the pen quite well and have no problem either finding Xena or other litter mates. 

"Churro" - male, black & white
"Nacho" - male, red & white
"Salsa" - female, red & white
Doing what they do best...eating or sleeping
"Bean" - male, cream
"Margarita" - female, sable
"Taquito" - male, cream with honey spots
"Salsa" - female
"Taquito" - male
"Churro" - male
Good buddies - Churro & Nacho

May 22

This litter is behaving and growing just as they should. Several of the puppies have passed the 1 pound weight threshold. They all have their eyes open and are standing…with a bit of wobbling. Their balance and movement will quickly improve. This is also the timeframe when they will get more vocal!

"Bean" - male
"Margarita" - female
"Nacho" - male

Father of This Litter

Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"

Lennon is an impressive flashy, athletic, and fun loving dog. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese – good structure and friendly. His father and mother are from Europe which is beneficial having these bloodlines in Encore Havanese dogs.

For additional information on Havanese or the other 150+ breeds recognized by the AKC, clink on the picture below