Encore Havanese Puppies

Encore It's Time To Decide - "Twix"

Born on Sept 24, 2023 

There are 4 boys and 1 girl!

Twix is a Mom who knows what she’s doing, so she made her delivery very straight forward and uncomplicated. She went into labor on the day I forecast and gave me clear signs. She started her delivery in the early morning and finished in just over an hour.

Being an experienced mother, Twix was perfect in starting all the puppies nursing. The puppies’ weights were as expected, they had great appetites, and squirmed around well. Say hello to the Twix litter. We were both happy!

Because my special guy Lennon is the father of this litter, the puppies are very colorful.

Twix knows very well how to take care of new-borns
4 boys and 1 girl. The girl is red & white at the bottom of the group.
The solid color puppy is red, not black.

Encore The Chauffeur's Daughter - "Sabrina"

Born on Sept 25, 2023 

Sabrina was very quiet about getting ready to deliver her litter. So we spent the entire afternoon and evening together. When she was done whelping, the whole family got together for a long meal. The puppies were active and Sabrina was very cooperative in making sure everyone had a spot to eat and sleep.
This litter’s father is Cooper, who is from Amor Havanese.  
Sabrina and her litter's first time they are all together
One boy is white ... one girl is white

Father of Twix's Litter

Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"

Lennon is an impressive flashy, athletic, and fun loving dog. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese – good structure and friendly. His father and mother are from Europe which is beneficial having these bloodlines in Encore Havanese dogs.

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