Encore Havanese Puppies

Encore It's Time To Decide - "Twix"

Born on January 8, 2021

All of these puppies spoken for.

There are 3 girls and 2 boys.

What a great way to begin the New Year – a healthy litter from Twix. She delivered the boys first then the girls. The whelping went fairly smoothly and Twix did perfect in starting all the puppies nursing. All the puppies’ weights were as expected, they had great appetites, and squirmed around well.

My handsome Lennon is the father of this litter.

January 9

Twix puppies’s colors are as I would have expected from her and Lennon…a lot of red.

  • The cream with white is a male
  • The red and white parti is a female


They’re crawling around and putting on weight.

January 23

Twix’s puppies are eating well and growing well. They have reached 2 important milestones:

  • They are standing and “wobbling” around;
  • Their eyes are open..

Encore Sweet Charlotte - "Charlotte"

January 19, 2021

All of these puppies have been chosen by their new families.

There are 7 boys and only 1 girl !!

Because there are so many puppies, it’s great that Charlotte is an experienced and very attentive mother. All the puppies are eating regularly. The colors are: red & white; black & white; cream.

Lennon is the father of this litter.

January 19

Charlotte spent the late night and early morning delivering her 8 puppies.

Amor Encore Imagine I'm A Dreamer - "Lennon"

Lennon is an impressive flashy, athletic, and fun loving dog. His conformation and temperament are classic Havanese – good structure and friendly. His father and mother are from Europe which is beneficial having these bloodlines in Encore Havanese dogs.

For additional information on Havanese or the other 150 breeds recognized by the AKC, clink on the picture below